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Ruthenium Sesquisulphite, Ru2(SO3)3

Ruthenium Sesquisulphite, Ru2(SO3)3, is obtained by passing sulphur dioxide through a solution of the sulphate whereby the colour changes from bright red through green to blue. Addition of alcohol precipitates the sulphite in a blue colloidal form which may be dried at 80° C. It dissolves in excess of water, giving a solution from which it may be precipitated by addition of a salt. Double salts with the sulphites of potassium and sodium respectively have been prepared.

Thus, on boiling solutions of sodium chlor-ruthenite, Na2RuCl5, and sodium sulphite, a minute crystalline precipitate of sodium ruthenium sulphite, Na7Ru(SO3)5.2H2O, is obtained. The corresponding potassium salt has also been isolated. This, with potassium hydroxide solution is converted into the complex O[Ru(SO3)4K6]2.4H2O. The following salts have also been obtained, O[Ru(SO3)2(NO)Na2].2H2O, and O[Ru(SO3)2(NO)K2].2H2O, both in crystalline form.

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